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Concrete Garden
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Concrete Garden

1st story: Angels exist and Kashii Kiyoharu, grandson of the one who "made" the heavenly messenger, has been recruited to get to know him. He goes by Toki. Kashii before long figures out why the researchers need him around. Toki is forlorn, however nobody needs to get close to him except if it's essential since he eats human tissue. What has Kashii found himself mixed up with? second story: Everyone anticipates that Tokiwo should go to a decent college. Anyway Tokiwo would rather not to "avoid any unnecessary risk". One night there was unexpectedly a tremor. The stone he was taking a gander at began to gleam and out of his floor comes somebody who very closely resembles his lifelong companion Jiu. Well there is a distinction. This "Jiu" is dressed for battle and has an exceptionally enormous weapon. Exactly what does the stone have to do with "Jiu" and who gave Tokiwo the stone?
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Chapter Concrete Garden


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