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From SRoMU: Kei is a secondary school understudy harassed everyday and none of his kindred schoolmates care. Worn out by those vast embarrassments, he acknowledges the bizarre proposition of his cherished, lifelong companion Akira : Suicide together to end this bad dream. In any case, that day, Kei makes due and Akira doesn't. Months after the fact, the young fellow is stunned when he finds on the net a site about road battling. On a few recordings put on the web, a scarcely unmistakable Akira gives a significant beatdown to his rivals! What truly occurred? To find reality, Kei has just a single arrangement: enrolling on that site and go from one battle to another to observe reality with regards to Akira...
Released a year ago
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Updated On 2 months ago
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Chapter Gekiryuuchi


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