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Hatsukoi no Yamai
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Hatsukoi no Yamai

Six accounts of adoration and pleasantness. 1) Sickness of the First Love - After a fender bender Ayase starts to see fantasies of his most memorable love,Haigo, who kicked the bucket as the young fellow he was. An activity should fix the issue, yet doesn't. Seeing a youthful Haigo during the day, and an adult Haigo around evening time, has Ayase at last gone off the deep end? 2) The Mystery That Began on the Train - There are two sorts of clients that Soo, as a specialist on a sleeper railroad needs to manage: honeymooning couples and crackpots. Teshirogi is most certainly one of the last option. The excessively emotional more established man is by all accounts ridiculing Soo, yet for what reason does he suppose they've met previously? 3) Kitsune Tsuki (Fox Moon) - Tada is the successor to his family and the last fox soul overseer. As a youngster he saved the soul Shiro from being deserted, and Shiro consented to remain till Tada was a grown-up. With simply two years left to go, Shiro needs to accommodate his affections for the human kid. 4) Kikusa Yayoi Zukitan - second year piano understudy Wachi is playing one day when he's unexpectedly joined by a violin. Enter virtuoso musician Meguriya. When Wachi admits to Meguriya he doesn't get an answer, however when two individuals are so adjusted artistically, are words truly fundamental? 5) A Happy Person - When Komiya vanishes from school, Oosakaya is certain that Komiya will reach him. They're dating, all things considered. Be that as it may, four years go by before a messy and tired Komiya slithers into his bed and expeditiously nods off. He's glad to have Komiya back, however Oosakaya can consider how long it will be before the individual who says he cherishes him vanishes once more... 6) Speechless - A word game between two partners offers one an opportunity to make his sentiments known.
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Chapter Hatsukoi no Yamai


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