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I'm Not The Overlord!
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I'm Not The Overlord!

I really resurrected into an alternate world and turned into the Demon King Overlord?! Furthermore, my assignment is to annihilate humankind! There's something off about pause, that. I'm a conservative you know? Dislike this by any means? What? I killed 1,000 human armed force with my energy impact?! That was a mishap! It was the artifact's issue! It's every one of the a misconception! Hahaha! For what reason might we at any point get along pleasantly? Huh? So imagine a scenario in which I'm Satan. Doesn't mean I like doing terrible things! Quit irritating me or I will shoot you to smithereens! Pause! Argh! Please! I'm not excessively malevolent! I'm not the Overlord! Russian/Русский Неожиданно я переродился в совершенно другом мире и за секунду стал князем тьмы?! И мне нужно командовать армией демонов, чтобы стереть с лица земли все человечество?! Эй, эй! Я ведь пацифист, что мне делать со всем этим!!!
Released a year ago
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