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Romeo X Juliet
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Romeo X Juliet

Neo Verona. A land drifting high overhead governed by the Capulet family. That is until one evening, when the significant time-frame adversaries of the Capulets, the Montagues, storm the castle, killing the duke, his better half, and his men. All are killed however Juliet, a youthful girl of the Capulets who is safeguarded and energetic away to somewhere safe and secure before she could be killed. After fourteen years, Juliet doesn't remember anything of her abhorrent past, and lives with the little band who had safeguarded her, the main family she has. It isn't alright for Juliet to go out undisguised, be that as it may, as a quest for the Capulet beneficiary is as yet in progress. So openly, she dresses as a kid, a youngster named Odin, in line with her "loved ones". However she is actually not permitted to, Juliet has another mysterious character: The Red Whirlwind, the trying and exemplary legend of Neo Verona, well known for saving any in peril with his (or rather, her) sword and progressed battle abilities without killing anybody. It is on one of these "salvage missions" that she initially meets Romeo, main beneficiary of the Montague house. By some coincidence, they become hopelessly enamored an illegal love that neither one of the sides will permit. Things settle the score more muddled, in any case, when Juliet at last learns of her actual character and is informed that she should kill the ongoing duke-Romeo's father.
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