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Sensual Trigger
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Sensual Trigger

It contains 5 stories: 1) Erotic Trigger: Yoshino's beau, Koyota, just appears to have one thing at the forefront of his thoughts sex. Yoshino loves him yet is passing on for somewhat sentiment. Might Koyota at any point pull back enough for her birthday? 2) Liar Trigger: Akira works in planning ladies' and clothing he's VERY focused on it. His work generally winds up to destroy his sentiments since he will constantly gruffly picked work over ladies. However, his colleague Ririko is by all accounts unique. Might she at any point be the one lady he can really depend on? 3) Mint Trigger; 4) Vibrating Trigger ; 5) Summer Trigger. NOTE: The last two stories contain yuri themes.
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
Updated On 2 months ago
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