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That Inferior Knight, Lv. 999
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That Inferior Knight, Lv. 999

Due to errors of the kid, he drives the two foes and partners mad!? From 「Manga UP!」 (Square Enix), he might be solid, yet can't be overlooked!! The probably most vulnerable kid who dominated hand to hand fighting and sorcery, the world shakes his misconception!? "Well have no talent."... is what Yuan experienced childhood in the mountains thinking. He's a typical sympathetic kid, however of the uncommon things about him, is that his folks are a savvy and an expert military craftsman. As such, the world's most grounded. Since Yuan was informed he was the most vulnerable, he ventures out from home to make his fantasies about turning into a knight materialize. "Eh!? Is it truly conceivable to be crushed with a simple finger-flick by a 8-year-old youngster?" "You heard the legend was the most vulnerable part? You'd must be insane to battle that!" "Multitudes of Angels? You mean the destructive birds? I'll simply eliminate them through and through!" Presently, the kid who sees mythical beasts as reptiles you can eat consistently thinks (I am powerless. I'll need to settle the score more grounded or probably I won't ever turn into an honorable knight), will he at any point be liberated from his misconceptions!?
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Chapter That Inferior Knight, Lv. 999


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