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Yoo Ah Dok-Jon
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Yoo Ah Dok-Jon

To be the third (to proceed with the family name) and just child (additionally lone offspring) of the rich Han family, since the time he was little Sang-Ah was instilled with the maxim ?A Successful Future comes from a Perfect Mate? by his mom and raised with "Austere like" schooling. Furthermore, because of his mom's brutal lessons about females Sang-Ah fostered a genuine revultion or injury towards females. Be that as it may, one evening during his age of 16, he's acquainted with his life partner whom he has never met and Sang-Ah at last chooses to leave his home. He leaves subsequent to making an arrangement with his mom that he'll find his own significant other until he's 19 years of age. From volume one's backcover: ? Try not to Interfere with My Life!! ? Attractive face and allround athlete, additionally being youthful expert of a colossal rich family...Chung-sol High school's No. 1 Han Sang-Ah!! This youthful expert who needs nothing adventures taking off from home?! Formally allowed out of control time is 3 years! During this time there is something he says he should get in his hands...!! From that point on beginning to defy him are lady!! lady!! ladies!!! Group of concubines Flood Mixed with Comedy and Action! Blast of Heart Fluttering Pink that would tail every one of Korea's Bookstores!! Caution: Series discontinued.
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Chapter Yoo Ah Dok-Jon


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