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Yowamushi Pedal
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Yowamushi Pedal

Otaku Sakamichi Onoda has recently entered secondary school and plans to join the anime club. In center school, Onoda had no companions with whom he could discuss anime, games, Akihabara and other otaku things, and he is trusting he can make such companions in the anime club, however he figures out it's been disbanded. To restore the club he attempts to observe 4 others who might want to join. Since he was a young man, Onoda has ridden his mamachari-a cumbersome bike with a stage through outline fundamentally utilized for short rides, for example, for easygoing tomfoolery or to get food to go to Akihabara consistently to look at or purchase otaku things. Individual green bean Shunsuke Imaizumi and bicyclist, while preparing, sees a kid (Onoda) riding his mamachari up a lofty street. Rookie and street hustling cyclist, Shokichi Naruko visits Akihabara to get a few Gundam plastic models for his more youthful siblings and meets Onoda who grabs his eye due to the his cycling ability on the mamachari and later figure out they go to a similar school. Later on, both Naruko and Imaizumi attempt to persuade him to join the bike hustling club, however will he? +
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Chapter Yowamushi Pedal


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