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Banana Scandal
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Banana Scandal

A college situated in a city in the United States. Taehwan and Dojin are companions and housemates. Whenever Taehwan's away to be an international student, Taehwan's more youthful sibling, Taehee goes into the house and Dojin will be his new housemate. Dissimilar to his level and lovely appearance, Taehee is a hikikomori type otaku, however some way or another he appears as though he's just being great to Dojin. The evening of observing Taehee's appearance, Dojin awakens with a unidentified sound, and soon a while later understands that the wellspring of this sound is Taehee's moan of masturbating...?!
Released 7 months ago
Posted On 7 months ago
Updated On 2 months ago
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Chapter Banana Scandal


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